Energiankulutus pysyy kontrollissa / Energy consumption stays in control

Energiankulutus pysyy kontrollissa / Energy consumption stays in control

(English text below) Hurjasti kohonnut energian hinta aiheuttaa keskustelua niin kuluttajien kuin yritysten keskuudessa. Keinoja energiansäästöön haetaan kiivaasti. On paljon toimivia ja aiheellisia keinoja energian säästämiseksi, mutta paikoin säästötalkoissa saattaa...

Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre Häme) has granted the company a subsidy under the Act on State Aid for Business Development (9/2014) business development grant from the European Regional Development Fund.

Support has been granted for the development of Aste Finland Oy's industrial operations, processes and know-how into resource-wise. Objective 12.1 Strengthening SMEs, especially in the context of digitalisation and the green economy. EU program related to the project:...

Commerial plug-in cooler manufacturer Aste Finland Oy returns to it’s founding owners. Sisu Coolers Oy – a company formed by the former owners of Aste – acquired the company from the Belgian company Creative Cooling Group B.V.

Finnish company Aste Finland Oy, specialized in design, manufacturing, sales and maintenance of commercial plug-in coolers, is once again an independent, 100% Finnish company. With the share transactions made on July 9th  2020, Sisu Coolers Oy has acquired a majority...

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The purpose of a modern cooling device is not only to be the best cooling device of the world, but also the best selling and marketing tool.

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