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Oy Hartwall Ab

“Hartwall is the leading beverage company in Finland, the wide and high-quality assortment of which contains everything from beer to coffee and from water to whisky, not to mention everything in between!

Our cooperation started approximately 4-5 years ago when we bought the trial batch of substers (SR100) from Aste. Since that time, our cooperation has grown smoothly and steadily from year to year.

As to the price and quality ratio, the products of Aste are competitive and look good, energy consumption of the products is moderate. We appreciate the flexibility and fast response of Aste when implementing our needs to modify the characteristics, dimensions, and technical solutions of the devices. We have designed together complete devices and solutions complying with our needs.”

Oy Hartwall Ab

Robert Nyari
Head of Technical Services
Oy Hartwall Ab

Nordic Cooling Solutions Ab (NCS)

NCS started just as a supplier of drinks coolers. Now they are the leading supplier of plug-in coolers and freezers for food, drinks, dairy products, tobacco and much more besides in Nordic region. NCS’s ‘Total Solution’ provides for their customers a solution adapted to their needs, which gives them full control over their equipment and safeguards their ROI. Although NCS started as a small company in Köping, they are now market leaders in their business segment in Nordic region with a annual turnover just over 11M€.

“I see the cooperation from the start with Aste as a vital part of our success. We have clear roles where Aste develops and produces the best possible equipment and NCS market and sell them. There are a lot of successful projects we have done together with Aste for different kind of product categories such as FMCG, dairy, brewery, health & fitness, snus etc.

I would say it that level of cooperation could be compared to sister companies, where quality, secured and fast deliveries along with top level end performance/products are most vital.” 

Nordic Cooling Solutions Ab

Niklas Lundkvist
Head of Sales, Owner
Nordic Cooling Solutions Ab

Suomen Myymäläkaluste Oy

“The company Suomen Myymäläkaluste Oy operates in the domestic market as the supplier of coolers for convenience goods and restaurant chains as well as food businesses. Our aim is to provide our clients with complete solutions considering their needs, as regards service, storage, branding etc. We have left stable footprint in the domestic market and we are still growing.

Cooperation with Aste began with different projects. We at once discovered the strengths of Aste as regards the high-quality products as well as the innovative way to develop cooperation and do business. Doing business with Aste has added a lot to our portfolio.

With its business activities, Aste is focusing on its customers and they take the devices related development ideas very seriously. In cooperation with them, we have launched several new innovative models of coolers onto the market. In Finland we ourselves are responsible for the servicing.”

Suomen myymäläkaluste

Teemu Lahtinen
Executive Director
Suomen Myymäläkaluste Oy

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