Product development and manufacturing

Our modular approach enables a flexible and efficient design and production process. We have the capability to manufacture products from small series to large orders. Customers’ needs and wishes are the foundation for product development as we build a functioning unit from compatible elements on a case-by-case basis. For us, the challenges arising from our customers’ requirements generate a constat source of enthusiasm for innovative product development.

Customers are increasingly emphasising environmental values and all products are designed with a focus on sustainability. Our coolers come as standard with LED lighting, green refrigerants (R600a, R290) and electronic thermostat. With these features our coolers are energy-efficient and guarantee a long life span. Easy maintenance also cuts emissions and reduces carbon footprint.

Service and maintenance

Our cooler units are manufactured with the highest quality standards which assures them longevity. Through our extensive service and partnership network, our customers have access to a wide range of services and maintenance opportunities in the EU economic area.


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The purpose of a modern cooling device is not only to be the best cooling device of the world, but also the best selling and marketing tool.

– Jussi Salonen – CEO


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