Commerial plug-in cooler manufacturer Aste Finland Oy returns to it’s founding owners. Sisu Coolers Oy – a company formed by the former owners of Aste – acquired the company from the Belgian company Creative Cooling Group B.V.

Jul 10, 2020

Finnish company Aste Finland Oy, specialized in design, manufacturing, sales and maintenance of commercial plug-in coolers, is once again an independent, 100% Finnish company. With the share transactions made on July 9th  2020, Sisu Coolers Oy has acquired a majority shares in Aste Finland Oy from the Belgian company Creative Cooling Group B.V. In connection with the share transaction, the founding members of Aste Finland Oy will return to the company’s strategic and operational activities.

Aste Finland Oy (Aste) became part of the Belgian Creative Cooling Group (CCG) in the spring of 2017 when the Belgian Melanie Holding B.V. bought a majority shares in the company. Now, three years later, Sisu Coolers Oy has acquired from Melanie Holding B.V. in the transactions concluded on July 9th  2020 the shares back to Finnish ownership. After the share transactions, Sisu Coolers Oy owns 100% of Aste’s share capital. Both parties want to keep the transaction value confidential.

The most important thing for Aste in the future will continue to be customer driven approach and the desire to develop new cooling solutions for the evolving markets. Aste currently employs 45 persons. With the share transaction, Aste’s founding members will return to the company’s strategic and operational activities. Management has a firm belief in market recovery after the Covid19 pandemic.

This year Aste is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The company’s brand is well-known and valued, especially in the European professional refrigeration equipment market. Company’s Finnish origin will be brought out  even stronger in all communications. Aste’s customer base consists of e.g. global soft drink and brewing companies, dairies, food and trading companies. Most of the company’s products are exported, mainly to the EU economic area.

In connection with the acquisition, Sisu Coolers Oy was created to support and strengthen Aste’s operations. Sisu Coolers Oy specializes in service, maintenance, installation and storage services, and In the future it  will be responsible for equipment maintenance and service by Aste and also other cooling equipment manufacturers in Finland.


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