AVO Series

AVO Series

AVO SeriesAVO product family consists of impulse coolers that can be placed on shelf, table or floor. They give you an easy solution for different locations to be used together or separately. The exterior of AVO products can be customized to your brand to give it the possible presentation.

AVO CT60 – Counter Top Cooler

21 pcs35 pcsH 374mm
W 600mm
D 470mm

AVO CT100 – Counter Top Cooler

39 pcs78pcsH 374mm
W 1033mm
D 470mm

AVO 2D Lounge – Counter Top Cooler

50 pcs75pcsH 845mm
W 450mm
D 470mm

AVO Festival – Event Cooler

140 pcs280 pcsH 2005mm
W 609mm
D 707mm

AVO Harmony 135-50 – Open Front Cooler

84 pcs168 pcsH 1350mm
W 495mm
D 700mm

AVO Harmony 135-60 – Open Front Cooler

112 pcs224 pcsH 1350mm
W 598mm
D 700mm

AVO Harmony 135-87 – Open Front Cooler

154 pcs308 pcsH 1350mm
W 865mm
D 700mm

AVO Harmony 170-54 – Open Front Cooler

140 pcs280 pcsH 1700mm
W 535mm
D 700mm

AVO Standard, Wood, Cardboard – Open Front Cooler

140 pcs280 pcsH 1700mm
W 540mm
D 630mm